Drake Energy

Drake Energy was formed to purchase leasehold and producing and non-producing mineral rights. We have grown to participate in drilling projects with reputable operators in various plays throughout the United States. We actively solicit owners, we broker deals with other industry partners, and we even serve as an agent for mineral and lease purchases from time to time.

Our strategy is to recognize value by closely monitoring exploration and production activity and focusing our purchases on high-quality, lower risk, conventional and unconventional oil and gas prospects.

We are small enough to remain nimble. As a result, we swiftly evaluate prospects, close quickly, and treat people fairly in the process. We genuinely enjoy sharing our success with partners and maintain a large affiliate network, whether it be friends in the business, referrals, or mineral owners that appreciate the way we do business. Likewise, we also build bridges that forge new relationships to help those within our network connect their prospects with potential buyers and sellers.