Oil & Gas Investments

In 1951, Midwest Pipe & Supply opened its doors to service Oklahoma’s mid-century oil boom. Since that time, this modest pipe yard in Oklahoma City continued to grow. It eventually sparked an entire group of interconnected companies, all focusing on unique portfolios and offerings. To this day, all of our companies remain family-owned, upholding the traditional values set in place more than 60 years ago.

Our Supporting Companies

Drake Energy

Drake Energy was formed to purchase leasehold and producing and non-producing mineral rights. We have grown to participate in drilling projects with reputable operators in various plays throughout the United States.


Turner Minerals

Turner Minerals is a mineral holding company that actively buys and manages mineral rights. We are constantly evaluating deals from industry partners and mineral owners with the intention of building a portfolio of generational assets.


TLJ Investments

TLJ is a general buyer of all types of oil and gas investments. We have a diverse asset base consisting of mineral rights, leasehold and working interests. TLJ is consistently on the hunt for existing oil and gas production with low decline, long life reserves.


Lion Petroleum

Lion Petroleum has a history as an Oklahoma oil and gas operator, with its primary operations in Kingfisher and Logan Counties. Lion was at one time an owner of many operated wells throughout northern Oklahoma.

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Family Owned & Operated

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Founded in 1951

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Oklahoma Based